Help keep our #CarbonPrice. Here’s how…

Pick out your political people and write to them! 

If you don’t know what to write copy and paste my letter (feel free to chop and change as you like).


Dear senators,

thank you all for contributing to the governance of our country. I could not begin to imagine what this must be like for you and I do not assume that this is anything but an immense task in itself.

Please do not ignore the catastrophe that we as a species are inflicting on the future of not only our children, but many, many future generations right across the planet.

Again, thank you for what you do and, again, I do not presume to have any idea of what your jobs must be like,
but, I am a scientist and I implore you to move towards the eradication of misinformation that seems to be spreading at an alarming rate in regard to the devastation that our excessive consumption and fossil fuel addiction has and continues to cause. The spreading of this scientific misinformation is not a form of free speech that must be protected. It is equivalent to convincing someone that if the continue to walk of a cliff the gravity of the earth and the laws of physics will not result in the abrupt ending of their existence.
We no longer have the luxury of time.
We must swiftly shift our stance as a people, immediately and actively focusing enormous efforts into decarbonising our economy.

You must all be aware that as the years go by the global understanding of the predicament that our civilisation is in will increase exponentially just as the severity of impacts on the earths biosphere by continued pollution will also.

It is simply inevitable that the futures of any groups or individuals who contribute to stalling or even attempting to stop progress being made in regards to significant protection of the earths atmosphere will be lost and destroyed.


Thank you for your time!


L. Stafford.


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