Climate Change and the Changing of the Social Climate

Tammemagi (2009, p.221) claims that “We  must use the solutions technology has provided us. Yet hybrid cars, smokestack scrubbers, carbon sequestration, and solar and wind power simply are not enough. As for the, as we saw in chapter 5, these green technologies will not be able to keep up with the population-economy treadmill.

To make progress in reducing global warming we must slow this treadmill. In other words, we need to slow down economic and population growth.

It will not be easy. There are strong forces at play, and societies have enormous momentum; like an ocean tanker, social directions cannot be changed quickly. Powerful corporations and organisations have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo. Furthermore many people are frightened of change and the uncertainty that comes with it.“

Tammemagi, H. Y. (2009). Air: our planet’s ailing atmosphere.

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